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Marina Lopez’s Tight Abs and Big Tits

Muscle Goddess Marina Lopez

is once again showing off her sexy big muscles. She poses in a tight white tank top and very short skirt. She starts by pulling up her shirt and exposing her ripped up abs. She bends over showing us a little peak of her hard ass cheeks, strong legs and big biceps. Not only is Marina’s body rocking she has such a pretty smile, she really loves posing her awesome body for us to see. Marina pulls out her big breasts, pulls up her skirt and we get a nice look at her sexy pink panties.

See the full gallery here

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Hot Nude Italian Bodybuilder

Video of A Hot Nude Italian Bodybuilder Pumping Arms

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This very topless and almost nude Italian bodybuilder was sent to us from SheMuscleGym recently and we can say that we like what we see! Although we didn’t get her name from them, all we know is that this almost nude Italian bodybuilder has got some great biceps, ripped abs and vascular abs along with some gorgeous legs and some very big firm tits.

After Pumping Up Her Biceps, this Gorgeous Nude Italian Bodybuilder

Takes a good look at her body, and seems to like what she sees, and we can’t blame her. Pulling her shorts down, she gives us a “peek” at her shaved vagina just to tempt us even more. We look forward to seeing more of this almost nude Italian bodybuilder in the future.

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Misty Anderson Works Out Topless

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“This is a first,” Misty Anderson said, displaying just how strong and sexy her pecs, glutes, legs, biceps and abs are.

Ever seen a porn star powerlifting more than her own weight in the gym, naked except for a weightlifting belt and tube socks?

Then it’s probably a first for you too.

Here’s Misty not working out:

misty anderson nudemisty anderson naked

Muscle Babe Brandi Mae Flexes

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Brandi Mae’s bodybuilding leg day is all about feeling the burn in her quads during leg extensions, then taking off her panties to show off her glutes and calves while she does leg curls and hack squats.

Of course she can’t resist posing nude to show you her vascular biceps and abs, and giving you lots of looks at her lovely ladyparts as she touches herself.

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Personal Trainer Megan Avalon Shows off her Tight Abs


meganAvalon102 meganAvalon103

Just released from Land of Venus are these incredible new photo’s of the personal trainer, Megan Avalon showing off her tight tan and ripped body. Megan is really into fitness and it shows. From her firm abs to her firm tits and ass, Megan is just the kind of trainer we could only wish for. But then would you really get your workout done with Megan Avalon standing over you? Well, the next best thing would be to see more of this hot buff babe at Land of Venus!

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